Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental medicine today, except for oral health, must achieve an attractive smile whereby not be ignored the harmony of functioning masticatory system. In addition to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral tissues emphasis on the aesthetics of a smile, healthy and white teeth. Cosmetic dentistry includes:

Teeth Whitening


Your smile is very important. The smile is what you immediately notice when you meet someone. White, bright smile is truly beautiful – for you to feel good and confident and at everyone leave a great first impression.

The natural aging process, combined with the style of life can significantly stain and darken your teeth. Many of our daily activities significantly contribute to the process: smoking and drinking coffee, cola, tea or red wine.

Tooth whitening your smile can show at its best. Non-professional whitening methods that are not clinically proven, may lead to undesirable results and the negative consequences – make sure that bleaching is:

  • quickly and conveniently
  • proven safe
  • effectively carried out by a dentist


Bleaching of teeth in our dental practice we do with Zoom technology which gets 5 shades of lighter color from existing one. Bleaching process takes about an hour and is completely safe.

Before whitening your teeth, they need to be thoroughly cleaned of plaque and tartar, we do air flow blaster – completely painless and enjoyable methods.

Bleaching non-vital teeth (endodontically treated) for the application of bleaching gel in the crown of the tooth pulps, and is repeated several times until a desired hue.

pjeskarenje2 Air-flow-before-and-after-pictures

Smile design

smile-designIncludes multiple disciplines of dental medicine that achieves a reconstruction of the smile and the attractiveness of the entire face.To meet a beautiful smile, straight teeth are needed to correct the bite that the size, shape and color correspond to the face, and the relationship of the teeth and gums (“red and white”) is crucial for top results. By creating your smile we are many years perfecting the methods by which we achieve faster results.

Porcelain veneers (Veneers)


The most popular method of beautifying smiles which can improve the color, shape and position, and is made of porcelain. This method is used when you want to preserve tooth structure due to the age of the patient and to meet strict aesthetic criteria “natural-like white teeth.” The most commonly applied in the upper front.

Composite fillings

KOMPOZITNI-ISPUNI_1KOMPOZITNI-ISPUNIWhether it is on the front or back teeth using high-quality materials that faithfully mimic the appearance of the teeth and restore lost structure caused by caries or fracture. With special emphasis on the selection as similar colors, we now provide an advanced technology, we keep your own teeth as long as possible.