Implants are titanium substitutes replacing tooth root that is extracted or not naturally grown. The implant can be resolved and the function and aesthetics without grinding the neighboring teeth. Implants can be used at a single tooth, support the bridge for patients who would otherwise be forced to wear removable dentures or complete dentures as anchorages ensuring their stability.

Placing the implant is completely painless and is performed under local anesthetic.. After installing the titanium screws it is necessary to take 3-6 months to accrete on the bones. This process is called osseointegration, and it is important for the stability and durability of the implant. After osseointegration is installed on the implant and previously agreed superstructure (crowns, bridges, dentures)

While there is no guarantee of success, given that this is the installation of a foreign body in the body, today’s dental implants is one of the safest procedure in dentistry with a success rate around 90%. Contraindications for implants are too few bones, poor hygiene, smoking and certain systemic diseases.

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