SILENSOR-splint against snoring and sleep apnea.

Did you know that 40% of the modern population snores. Relaxation of muscle tone during sleep causes a narrowing of the upper respiratory tract, which accelerates the flow of air and structure in it because they vibrate and cause an unpleasant sound of snoring. This means that snoring is a mechanical process which can put an end mechanically. There is where we can help you

Apnea (cessation of breathing during sleep) is a serious disease that can cause a range of disorders just from the fatigue because of a bad night all the way to systemic diseases. Obstructive sleep apnea is the complete closure of the respiratory tract.. Hypopnea is a reduction in the flow of breathing for 50% .Apnea / hypopnea index is the degree of severity of illness. It can measure so that can count how many times a patient in the course of one hour of sleep stops breathing for 10 seconds To 5 times is normal, up to 10 times is light apnea p to 20 times medium, all over 20 times is a serious problem. Obstructive sleep apnea is characterized by interruptions in the form of heavy snoring. Very night sweats, often bed-wetting and a dry mouth can be indicators of “sleep apnea”.

Silensor-sl consists of transparent splint for upper and lower jaw. The lower jaw is the device allowed to move back and therefore there is no narrowing of the respiratory tract.

Clinical tests show that the device for reducing snoring is more than 80%,and the sleep apnea index is reduced to 50%.