Dental prosthetics

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry which substitute the lost teeth, aesthetically correct the existing, ie, improving the function and aesthetic appearance of the teeth, and thus improve the quality of your life. These are not just a beauty but also health.

Prosthetics are divided into:

  • Fixed Prosthodontics (crowns, bridges)
  • Dentures (partial and complete dentures and dentures on implants)

Fixed prosthetics



The crown is fixed replacement which is placed on natural teeth, and serves to replace badly damaged and / or aesthetically unacceptable teeth. A tooth that is being upgraded must be pre-sanded (adapt) in order to it could set a crown. In our implant center we offer you crowns with high quality materials, which is characterized by the functional dimension and high aesthetic level thereby respecting the different needs and wishes of the patient.

Ceramic crown on metal version


Metal-ceramics is one of the classic materials that meet the function and aesthetics of the replacement of posterior teeth. All are less commonly used for front teeth because of the possibility of “black edge” as a result of the withdrawal of the gingiva.

Ceramic crown on the structure of the zircon


Cirkon je suvremeni materijal koji se odlikuje visokom čvrstoćom i biokompatibilnošću, a u isto vrijeme pruža prirodni izgled zuba. U želji da imaju zube koji se izgledom nimalo ili jedva razlikuju od prirodnih, pacijenti najviše traže bezmetalne restauracije. Budući da je konstrukcija bijele boje, nemoguća je pojava “crnog ruba” usljed povlačenja desni. Koriste se  prvenstveno na prednjim zubima ali i na bočnim zubima bez ograničenja.



A dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic replacement which replaces one or more missing teeth . Bridges connect the broken tooth arrays into a single unit and thus complete returns functionality and aesthetics of dental appliances. If we do not fill the gaps between the teeth, we risk that the other teeth in the mouth begin to move, and it is only a step to losing the proper bite and the development of periodontal disease.

Bridges can be implemented using just a ceramic crowns or in combination with the implant. The crown or bridge on implants can be fitted to patients who have lost one, several or all teeth.

Incorporating 6-8 implants in a jaw can make a fixed bridge to make up for all the teeth in the jaw.




When a patient is missing a lot of teeth is one of the simpler therapy is a denture. Nowadays, with prostheses can be achieved both, functionality as well as a beautiful and natural appearance. There are several types and distribution of dental prosthesis, and that includes the partial and complete dentures.

Partial dentures are used when the patient lacks a smaller number of teeth, and they are then inserted between the existing teeth.

Full denture replaces missing teeth with complete loss of teeth. It is only recommended as an alternative cost-effective solution for the rehabilitation of edentulous jaw when the implant is not possible. The base is made of acrylic and teeth can be ceramic and resin. While the patient is waiting for his prosthesis, gets temporary teeth.

Dentures on implants


Prostheses on implants are dentures that are attached to the dental implants. Dental implants are implanted in the jaw and to build upon them special anchor points that can later hold dentures.

Recommended number of implants in the upper jaw for making dentures are 4 implants, while in the lower jaw of sufficient stability necessary to install two, but for optimum stability of the implant 4.