In our practice we work with new digital technologies, which we have introduced into our office a perfect aesthetic that we can adapt to any shape and color of teeth, and all this in a very short time, regardless of whether it is veneers, crowns, bridges or inlays. . Thanks to the top-quality Dentsply Sirona CAD / CAM system we use, you can get a brand new tooth or put a veneer in just one visit. We are able to provide greater construction and prosthetic rehabilitation thanks to our digital laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art Denstply Cad / Cam equipment that includes a scanner inEos x5, inLab CAD Software for digital design and inLab MCX5 milling machine

CAD / CAM stands for Computer-Aided-Design / Computer-Aided-Manufacturing.

The CAD / CAM system consists of an intraoral scanner that takes a digital tooth scan in just a few seconds, without the need for a standard impression for smaller procedures. After the digital print in the Cerec system, we design the replacement with Cerec software, whereby the patient himself can participate and get a vision of what it will look like before the replacement itself is made. When we are satisfied with the design, we send the work to Cerec milling unit MC XL or inLab MC X5, which gives us exactly the kind of work we imagined in the software.