Sports dentistry

During the sports activities is often likely to cause injury teeth. The prevention of such injuries athletes and recreational big role plays the gum shield.

In previous years, it was only used by athletes in martial sports, and today has become a common protection for athletes in contact sports (handball, basketball, water polo …) and especially in any serious weight training, during which there is enormous masticatory forces.

It is recommended to the youngest athletes, ie. children who are just beginning to sprout permanent teeth, not only for sports, but also in the daily game.

Intraoral individual gum shield is more expensive but more comfortable to wear, durable, provides unhindered breathing and speech, as opposed to ready-made. Individual dental guard is playing the best balance in the mouth of every individual, best fits with the teeth, palate, cheek mucous and gums, has an excellent retention and is significantly safer than all other kinds of sports gum shield.

Do not allow yourself in dealing with your favorite sport, whether professionally of any recreational, that you get broken tooth or be knocked out, and that only because at the time you are not properly protected!

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