Dental medicine Ereš-Dugalija


Dr. Ivana-Ereš Dugalija has been dealing with reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry, problems of the masticatory system, early diagnosis of dentofacial abnormalities for both adults and children for more than 20 years. With her team, she performs from the simplest to the most complicated procedures in the orofacial area. She pays great attention to the aesthetics of the face conditioned by the mouth and teeth and the restoration of the harmony of the masticatory system as a whole.

Our Team

Mr. sc. Ivana Ereš – Dugalija dr. med. dent.

Dr. med. dent. Ana Friščić

Dina Kesteli - medicinska sestra

Anamarija Prašnički - dentalni asistent

Dentalni tehničar

Mateja Vugrin - administracija

Pamela Štebih - marketing

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