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Leading in dental excellence and smile making for over 20 years.


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Ereš Dugalija Dental Medicine is one of the leading dental clinics in Croatia that provides top services in the field of dentistry and facial aesthetics. The practice was founded by mr. sc. Ivana Ereš- Dugalija, MD dent. 2007.

Modernly equipped dental center

In our clinic we provide a wide range of dental services with an individualized approach to each patient. With experience and dedication, we nurture this relationship for a lifetime. We understand your needs and the hectic pace in which we live today, which is why we fulfill all your wishes in the shortest possible time with top service.

With the expertise of the staff, the speed of service execution is provided by the most modern digital technology for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The clinic has its own digital dental laboratory equipped with Dentsply Sirona technology (Cerec and inLab).

Satisfaction and comfort to patients as well as staff is our priority.


Overall care for dental health and beauty.

In the modernly furnished space, in addition to the mentioned dental laboratory, there are two polyvalent surgeries, an orthodontic office and a room for aesthetic procedures.

On more than 450 square meters in a quiet part of the city with secured parking, we provide complete care for the dental health and beauty of our patients. The range of our services is wide, and we place emphasis on dental prosthetics, cosmetic dentistry, implantology, and orthodontics.


Dr. Ivana-Ereš Dugalija has been dealing with reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry, problems of the masticatory system, early diagnosis of dentofacial abnormalities for both adults and children for more than 20 years.

She specializes in the field of implant prosthetics (M.Sc. in Oral Implantology, Rome, Italy) and aesthetic prosthetics (M.Sc., Zagreb, Croatia).

With her team, she performs from the simplest to the most complicated procedures in the orofacial area. She pays great attention to the aesthetics of the face conditioned by the mouth and teeth and the restoration of the harmony of the masticatory system as a whole.

The patient is at the center of the Ereš-Dugalija Dental Medicine. Our experts nurture a multidisciplinary, but at the same time individual approach to each patient.

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