Description of the procedure

The natural aging of the body combined with lifestyle can significantly stain and darken your teeth. Many of our daily activities contribute significantly to this process: smoking and drinking coffee, cola, tea or red wine.

Teeth whitening can show your smile at its best. Non-professional whitening methods, which are not clinically proven, can lead to unwanted results and negative consequences - make sure that whitening is:

  • fast and practical
  • proven safe
  • effectively performed by a dentist


Teeth turn yellow due to frequent consumption of colored food and beverages, but also due to improperly treated teeth or teeth after endodontic treatments.

We whiten all teeth in our office with ZOOM technology, which produces 5 shades of lighter colors than the existing one. The bleaching process takes about an hour and is completely safe.

Philips Zoom is a professional teeth whitening system that uses the most advanced LED light technology. It’s the perfect way to restore natural whiteness to teeth.

Before whitening, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the teeth from plaque and tartar, which we do with an Air flow sandblaster - a completely painless and pleasant method.

The active ingredient in Zoom whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide, which has natural whitening properties and intensifies under the influence of a lamp.

After we prepare our teeth, the whitening treatment lasts 45 minutes, and the whitening effects can last up to 3 years.

The effect lasts of course depending on what kind of food you consume and whether you smoke. Coffee, red wine, Coca Cola and dark foods darken teeth more.

Bleaching of avital teeth (endodontically treated) is done by applying whitening gel to the crown of the avital tooth, and repeated several times until the desired shade is obtained.

Price List

You can find out about the prices of teeth whitening in our price list.

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