Procedure description

The most popular method of beautifying a smile that can improve color, shape and position, and is made of porcelain. We use this method when we want to preserve the tooth structure due to the age of the patient, and meet the strict aesthetic criteria of "naturally similar white tooth". They are most often applied in the upper front.

This procedure provides a number of benefits for our patients:

  • Ceramic veneers are an aesthetic-corrective solution for your teeth, far more conservative and non-invasive than dental crowns
  • Veneers as well as adhesives (for fixing veneers on the tooth) are completely biocompatible and therefore do not cause any form of inflammation or gingival withdrawal
  • It is an extremely durable, durable and aesthetically perfect structure

You are an ideal candidate if you have your preserved teeth and do not have large composite fillings.

During a consultation with our dentists, you will find out which type of veneer is optimal for your teeth taking into account the desired end result.

With proper maintenance, veneers can be a long-lasting solution to minor aesthetic problems.

If you want to regain self-confidence, veneers are the ideal solution to achieve harmoniously shaped teeth and a bright white smile.


Habits such as biting nails, chewing ice and using teeth to open packages are otherwise harmful to teeth as they cause cracking and breaking and erosion of teeth.

Although porcelain is quite solid, it is not as solid as natural teeth, so these habits are even more harmful for people with veneers.

Since porcelain is not porous, flakes are very resistant to stains. However, the cement that holds them in place is still subject to discoloration which can be seen at the edges of the flakes.

Price List

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