Composite fillings

Aesthetic composite fillings, better known as white fillings, are used on front and back teeth because they faithfully mimic the appearance of teeth and compensate for lost structure caused by caries or fracture.

With special emphasis on choosing the most similar color, which is allowed to us today by advanced technology, we keep our own tooth as long as possible.

They are especially useful for closing gaps between teeth, repairing broken teeth and giving a more uniform and flat appearance of the dentition.

Advantages of white seals:

  • They do not affect aesthetics
  • They can be repaired if damaged
  • The possible sensitivity is minimal and short
  • Approximately match the natural color and appearance of the teeth

Advantages of white composite fillings over amalgam

Due to the continuous improvement of the material, white filling is a superior means for tooth reconstruction compared to amalgam. The main advantage of composite materials is the adhesion (gluing) to the tooth surface. This property allows the remaining tooth walls to be connected as a whole, which prevents tooth breakage.

The most modern composite fillings have a bonding strength to the tooth far greater than the strength of the tooth itself. As a result, it sometimes happens that part of the tooth breaks off due to trauma, but the filling remains intact. For the placement of the composite filling, it is not necessary to grind a part of a healthy tooth as with amalgam, so the cavities are smaller and the tooth remains less damaged as a whole.

Our doctor will advise you on choosing the best material for you and your teeth.

Price List

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