Description of treatment

PRF ("platlet rich fibrin") is an abbreviation for platelet-rich fibrin, which is obtained from the patient's blood. It is used in aesthetic medicine, periodontology, oral surgery and implantology. The key effect of PRF is to accelerate the regeneration of the tissues into which it is applied. This is due to the activation of stem cells and growth factors in the tissues to which it is applied.

The application of the PRF method represents a revolution in the field of dental medicine that allows us to minimally invasive procedures in various areas with guaranteed success.


After taking a small amount of blood, it is placed in a special centrifuge device which, depending on the selected program, we get i-PRF or a-PRF. The centrifugation process takes up to 8 min whereby the red blood cells are separated from the plasma, and the platelets remain because their potential is used since they contain stem cells. The plasma used is actually a concentrate of growth factor and platelet-containing platelets.

Forms of PRF


I-PRF is a liquid form of enriched plasma that we use in our office for non-invasive non-surgical rejuvenation of the face, neck and décolleté, and for the restoration of gums in periodontal changes (treatment of periodontitis).

The facial rejuvenation treatment itself is simple, painless and fast (15 min). The obtained i-PRF is applied by microneedling or injected into the desired area of ​​the face with a needle according to the desired depth of tissue regeneration. This technique stimulates the production and secretion of collagen and elastin, which increases the consistency and tension of the skin. It is used for anti-aging treatments (skin tightening, wrinkle ironing), reduction of hyperpigmentation, scars and uneven skin, and lip augmentation. It is necessary to mention PRF's excellent success in the treatment of gingival recessions in periodontitis, where it stimulates the regeneration of the epithelial attachment and the attachment gingiva.

After only one treatment, an improvement of up to 30% is visible, and for the best results, the procedure is repeated 2-4 times at intervals of one month. After that, it is recommended to do 1 treatment per year for maintenance. An additional advantage of this procedure is that it can be combined with treatment with hyaluronic fillers, and the need for this is determined on examination, of course, in accordance with the wishes of the patient.


A-PRF is a fibrin clot rich in platelets that is used in oral surgery, implantology and periodontology, and allows faster and painless healing of wounds and filling bone defects

ADVANTAGES of the PRF method over other methods that use the effect of blood plasma: 100% biocompatibility, which means that there is no possibility of unwanted side effects, because the patient's own plasma is used without the addition of additives. The whole procedure is performed in front of the patient, the procedure itself is minimally invasive and painless.

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