Prevention for all

In previous years, it was used exclusively by athletes in martial arts, and today it has become commonplace for athletes in contact sports (handball, basketball, water polo…), especially in any serious weight training with enormous masticatory forces.

It is also recommended for the youngest athletes, ie children who have just started to have permanent teeth, not only for sports, but also in everyday play.

Intraoral individual tooth guard

The intraoral individual tooth guard is more expensive, but more comfortable to wear, more durable, and allows for unimpeded breathing and speech, unlike the ready-to-wear one. The individual dental protector best reproduces the condition in the mouth of each individual, best adheres to the teeth, palate, cheek mucosa and gums, has excellent retention, and is significantly safer than all other types of sports dental protectors.

Do not allow your favorite sport, whether professional or recreational, to break a tooth or be knocked out, and only because you did not protect yourself properly in time!

Price List

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