Prevention in children

Children's oral health begins with proper oral hygiene habits that children can adopt at an early age and thus prevent the development of caries on deciduous and later permanent teeth.

Our dentists try to create the most positive attitude of the child towards the office and dental procedures to enable them to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.

Visit the dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts, so you will learn all about your child's dental care, and it will later belong to the group of people without caries.

Children with healthy mouths chew food easier and more correctly, speak faster and better, their general health is better, because sick mouth and teeth affect the occurrence of diseases of other organs. A healthy mouth is nice to see, and beautiful teeth give a child the necessary self-confidence.

Also, regular visits to the dentist can identify orthodontic anomalies.

The child's first encounter with the dentist's office should include getting to know the dentist, the doctor's office, instruments and teeth in general, without any intervention that could cause a negative reaction and "fear of the dentist"

Prevention in children includes:

  • the habit of oral hygiene
  • orthodontics
  • parental involvement
  • proper nutrition
  • fissure sealing
  • safety while playing sports

The role of parents in a child's oral health

After assessing the health of the teeth, the dentist suggests a home care program. This program will include brushing teeth, flossing, nutrition tips and, if necessary, additional topical prevention measures. If you follow the advice of a dentist, you will create a lifelong habit of dental hygiene in your child.

The role of dentists in a child's oral health

Teeth cleaning and polishing, as well as preventive treatments are part of the program for the prevention of children's dental diseases. Regular visits to the dentist in time will reveal possible problems with initial caries, orthodontic problems, ie problems with tooth position and jaw development.

Fissure sealing or seal fillings

Sealing is a preventive procedure that seeks to prevent the development of caries on newly erupted permanent teeth. Fisure are the notches that are located between the toothpicks. Deep fissures are conducive to the accumulation of bacteria.

Completely painless, the fissures are sealed with a composite material or cement that matches the color of the teeth.

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