In our clinic we work with the latest technology that allows us a perfect aesthetic adaptable to any shape and color of teeth, all in a very short time, regardless of whether it is a crown, veneer, bridge or inlay. Thanks to the state-of-the-art Dentsply Sirona CAD / CAM system, you can get a brand new tooth in just one visit.

In recent years, the digital revolution has taken place in dentistry, which enables a new level of dental treatment methodology in which the health, but also the comfort of the patient, comes first.


With advanced and sophisticated systems, treatment becomes more precise and simpler, and the procedure becomes more comfortable and faster with much less stress and reduced number of visits to the office.

Our clinic is equipped with Dentsply Sirona Cad / Cam equipment that includes intraoral scanners: Dentsply Sirona Primescan (current No. 1 intraoral scanner in the dental world) and Omnicam, laboratory scanner inEos x5, in Office CEREC software, MC XL In Office milling machine, inLab for digital design, inLab MCX5 milling machine and Formlab 3D dental printer.

CAD / CAM is an abbreviation of the English terms Computer-Aided-Design / Computer-Aided-Manufacturing.

The CAD / CAM system consists of an intraoral scanner that takes a digital tooth scan in just a few seconds, with no need to take a standard impression for smaller procedures. After the digital print in the Cerec system, we design the replacement with Cerec software, where the patient can participate and get a vision of what it will look like before the replacement is made. When we are satisfied with the design, we send the work to Cerec milling unit MC XL or inLab MC X5, which gives us exactly the kind of work we imagined in the software.


The use of CAD / CAM technology completely controls the final result, which allows the desired appearance of the teeth to be of perfect shape and aesthetics. Superior precision is possible for such a method of making prosthetic replacements.

The main advantages of CAD / CAM technology in dentistry:

  • Precision of prosthetic prosthesis production
  • Production speed
  • There is no need for a classic tooth impression
  • Visualization of the final appearance of the tooth
  • It is a natural-looking substitute
  • The CAD / CAM system in dentistry provides a reliable, accurate and fast approach to treatment that contributes to greater comfort.