One tooth on the implant

After an X-ray and an agreement with the dentist, an implant is placed in the place where the tooth is missing. After osteo integration (healing) which can last up to 6 months, an impression is taken according to which we make the crown.

Small bridge on implants

A bridge with 2 or more anchors is recommended for patients who lack three teeth.

Semicircular bridge on implants

Candidates for the semicircular bridge are patients who lack more teeth.

After the examination and planning of the procedure, implants are placed depending on the condition and structure of the bone in the jaw.

During healing, if the implant has primary stability, temporary work may be worn. New teeth look harmonious, and patients feel as if they have their own natural teeth.

Implant-fixed prostheses

The arrangement and amount of implants depend on the condition of the bone, and usually 4 implants are placed in the upper jaw and 2 implants in the lower jaw.

After the implants are placed, temporary mobile prostheses are made and worn until the permanent work is finished. The implant is located in the bone, and the outer part carries the connecting element that secures the prosthesis. By supporting the prosthesis with implants, better stability is achieved.

All on 4

All-on-4 is a method based on a prosthetic bridge that is fixed with screws to four specially placed implants.

This relatively new implant method is intended for clients without teeth or with dentures, who want a new smile in a short time. This system is used for complete edentulousness and / or when it is not possible to achieve satisfactory stability of the complete denture.

Four dental implants are installed in the jaw, which serve as supports that support the denture.

Implants are placed in the front of the jaw where most of the bone is located, and as they are placed at a certain angle they cover a larger area of ​​the tooth ridge and it is possible to replace all missing teeth without avoiding bone augmentation or sinus floor lift.

After the installation of dental implants, a temporary prosthetic work is performed, which is given to the patient the day after the operation. After 3 months, a permanent bridge is made for the patient. This period is required for the process of adhesion of the dental implant with the jaw bone, on which permanent work is performed.

All on 6

This system is suitable for the loss of all teeth in the upper or lower jaw, and it can restore jaw function and facial aesthetics in a short time.

As a rule, it is always better to have as many anchors for prosthetic work as possible, so this method is a great solution for toothless jaws. However, it should be borne in mind that in some situations, due to the small amount or poor quality of the bone, there are a limited number of implants that can be placed.

With this method, six implants are placed in the jaw, on which, after healing, a ceramic bridge is fixed with screws, which completely replaces the lost teeth.

In case there is a lack of bone, an artificial bone is installed.

The bridge, which is placed on six implants, makes the whole therapy more stable, long-lasting, and restores a beautiful look to your face.


  • If you want fixed prosthetic work and you have lost all or most of your teeth
  • You have teeth in very poor condition and intended to be extracted
  • If you have a complete mobile denture for many years
  • Patients who have experienced severe bone loss over time, especially in the back of the jaw


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